Our story started eight years ago in Don Roberto's kitchen, or "la cocina". Our papa has always been a passionate person. His enthusiasm for healthy foods, good nutrition, and his love for natural products drove him to experiment in our own family kitchen. Being an engineer, he began to think of ways that he could use his expertise to fuel his passion. His goal was to extract liquid sweeteners through a 100% natural process, eliminating the use of artificial preservatives and ingredients.
These sweeteners were to be all natural, free of artificial ingredients, and above all, delicious.

Starting with a well-known process to obtain liquid sweeteners from sugarcane, Don Roberto developed an extraordinary organic and natural alternative to make life just a little sweeter.

While his dream began to grow, Don Roberto's oldest son went to the USA to pursue his graduate studies and learn the latest trends in food. His daughter Alicia went a year later, focusing her education on the value of sustainability.

There they met their mutual friend and classmate Mau. Mau's active lifestyle gave her an enthusiasm for organic, healthy, all natural products. One particular graduate project gave way to an exciting idea- What if there was a sweetener that was convenient, all natural, organic and delicious? Most sweeteners are delicious, and convenient..but refined sugars are packed with calories. The ones that aren't are full of artificial junk. What if there was a sweetener that was twice as sweet as conventional sugar, so that consumers could use less and cut down their calorie intake?

These ideas gave birth to our two new products, HeyShuga!® and Lil'Shuga!® Our manufacturing process ensures the highest quality and a powerful, sweet, natural flavor. They're like honey taken from sugar cane, with the care that homemade products have.

We believe that businesses have the responsibility to try and improve the quality of life for their customers. Just as our products can help to achieve a healthier lifestyle, we strive to imprint sustainability and green development in all aspects of our business. A healthier body, mind, and planet is good for everyone. Through our sugars, we hope to share the natural sweetness and warmth of the Caribbean with your family.

Our Mission:
Our mission is to serve our customers with all-natural and organic sweeteners manufactured under the highest quality and safety standards.

Our Vision:
Our vision is to continue innovating sweetening solutions through dedicated R&D, knowledge and the appropriate technology, always focusing on human well-being and resource efficiency.

Our Values:
Our customers inspire our values. They motivate and challenge us to continually provide better service with tailored solutions and alternatives that fit their specific needs. We live our values of integrity, empowerment, innovation, fun, accountability, and above all passion and pride in everything that we do.

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