Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Hey Shuga?

Answer: Hey Shuga! is a natural and organic invert cane sugar syrup (IS) obtained from a delicate, proprietary, natural and enzymatic process that bio-mimics the one bees use to produce honey naturally.

2. What is Lil' Shuga?

Answer: Lil' Shuga! is a blend of all natural stevia leaf extract and our traditional Hey Shuga! syrup. These two ingredients are delicately combined to maintain the health benefits of stevia, and the familiar taste of cane sugar. The result is a delicious blend that is twice as strong as sugar, allowing you to use a smaller quantity for the same sweet taste. The best part is that it leaves no aftertaste or guilt. Smaller serving size = smaller caloric intake. Simple math!

3. What is inverted sugar?

Answer: Inverted sugar (or invert sugar) is a mixture of equal parts glucose and fructose. Invert sugar is obtained by breaking down the complex sugar sucrose into the two basic elements that compose it, the simple sugars glucose and fructose. Compared with sucrose, inverted sugar is sweeter. The products made with it retain more moisture, and are less prone to crystallization. For this and many other reasons, inverted sugar is highly valued for baking. And chefs love it! Inverted sugar syrup can also be found in natural products such as honey.

4. What is the shelf life of Hey Shuga! and Lil' Shuga?

Answer: Our recommended shelf life is 12 months or 1 year.

5. What happens if Hey Shuga! and Lil' Shuga! crystallize?

Answer: Just like honey, Hey Shuga! and Lil' Shuga! are syrups containing the sugars glucose and fructose. Because we do not use any artificial preservatives or additives for our natural process, the glucose may begin to precipitate out and form solid crystals. Don't worry! This doesn't mean the syrup is spoiled; crystallization is a natural occurrence for all types of honeys, and glucose and fructose sweeteners.

If Hey Shuga! or Lil' Shuga! crystallizes, simply heat the jar gently in a pan of hot water to re-liquefy it. Do not overheat it; too much heat may alter the flavor and color of the syrup if the sugar caramelizes.

6. How do I store Hey! and Lil' Shuga?

Answer: Just keep them tightly closed in a cool location away from direct sunlight. Do not refrigerate.

7. What is stevia?

Answer: Stevia Rebaudiana is a natural perennial shrub native to Paraguay, South America. Stevia has been used by the Guarani Indians for more than 1500 years as a sweetener for drinks, and for medicinal purposes. Stevia's leaf extracts (called steviosides) have a very sweet flavor and are estimated to be from 150 up to 400 times sweeter than sugar! Which means stevia is much sweeter than sugar while having zero calories and no carbohydrates.

8. How does Lil' Shuga! work?

Answer: Lil' Shuga! is a combination of cane sugar syrup, a low intensity sweetener, and stevia, a high intensity sweetener. Stevia extracts boost the natural, cane sugar flavor of our syrup, making it twice as sweet as regular and refined sugar while maintaining the health benefits of stevia.

9. Is Lil' Shuga! okay for diabetics?

Answer: No. We do not recommend Lil' Shuga! for diabetics because it contains sugars.

10. Can I bake with Hey Shuga! and Lil' Shuga? What is the conversion factor of Hey Shuga! and Lil' Shuga! versus traditional, granulated sugar?

Answer: Of course you can! In fact, Hey Shuga! and Lil' Shuga! provide many benefits for baking recipes. As a general rule, we recommend substituting 3/4 cup of Hey Shuga! for every cup of sugar. We also recommend setting your oven temperature to 50°F less than what the recipe instructions call for. On some recipes, it may be necessary to only partially substitute the granulated sugar. That way you can take advantage of the bulking properties of granulated sugar in your baked goods.

When using recipes that call for agave, honey, corn syrup and maple syrup, either substitute them for Hey Shuga!, or replace them with Lil' Shuga!, using half the required amount of sweetener.

For recipes and references on how to use Hey Shuga! and Lil' Shuga!, check out our Recipes section!

11. What is the difference between Hey Shuga!, Lil' Shuga! and other sweeteners?

Answer: Hey! and Lil' Shuga! are liquid syrups made from cane sugar. Also, they are all natural, organic, and GMO free.

12. What are the advantages of Hey Shuga?


Delicious sugar cane taste
Instantly soluble
Easy to handle
No artificial flavors or colors
No preservatives
GMO free
Vegan and vegetarian friendly
USDA 100% Organic, BCS ÖKO Garantie
SKS Kosher certified

13. What are the advantages of Lil' Shuga?


Smaller serving sizes than sugar thanks to concentrated flavor
Lower calories and great taste
Instantly soluble
Easy to handle
No artificial flavors or colors
No preservatives
GMO free
Gluten free
Vegan product
USDA 100% Organic, BCS ÖKO Garantie
SKS Kosher certified

14. How can Lil' Shuga! help with weight management?

Answer: You can cut the amount of calories and sugars you consume from regular sugar in half by using Lil' Shuga!. And you won't be sacrificing your sweet tooth! Lil' Shuga! is twice as sweet as regular sugar, so simply use half the amount of sweetener the recipe calls for. Remember, even though you are cutting calories by using Lil'Shuga, sweeteners in general should be used in moderation for a balanced diet. Refined and artificial sweeteners should be avoided altogether.

15. Where can I purchase Hey Shuga! and Lil' Shuga?

Answer: You can purchase them right here on our website. If you have an account, you can purchase them there. If you would like your local store to carry our products, let us know by filling out the Contact Us form with the name of the store, the store location, and your contact information. Find us on Facebook and Twitter to receive alerts when products become available in your local store!

16. Are Hey Shuga! and Lil' Shuga! certified organic?

Answer: Most certainly! They are USDA certified organic. Our organic certifying house is BCS ÖKO GARANTIE.

17. Are Hey Shuga! and Lil' Shuga! kosher certified?

Answer: Absolutely! Our kosher certification house is SKS Kosher.

18. Are Hey Shuga! and Lil' Shuga! Fair Trade certified?

Answer: Not yet. While we believe and support fair trade goods and share fair trade's philosophy, we don't have Hey! and Lil' Shuga! fair trade certified at the moment. But we are working on it!

19. Are Hey Shuga! and Lil' Shuga! GMO free?

Answer: Yes! They're completely organic, GMO free, and true to Nature's intent.

20. What are the ingredients of Hey Shuga?

Answer: Water and all natural, organic inverted cane sugar—nothing else!

21. What are the ingredients of Lil' Shuga?

Answer: Water, all natural and organic inverted cane sugar and stevia extract.

23. What flavors do you have for Hey Shuga! and Lil' Shuga!?

Answer: Right now Hey Shuga! and Lil' Shuga! are only available in their natural, original flavors. But soon Hey! and Lil' will be offered in other exciting, delicious, and (most importantly) all natural flavors.

24. Do Hey Shuga! and Lil' Shuga! contain any allergens?

Answer: No, there are no allergens in Hey Shuga! or Lil' Shuga!.

25. Are the Hey Shuga! and Lil' Shuga! bottles recyclable?

Answer: Yes! In fact, we encourage you to recycle your Hey! and Lil' Shuga! glass bottles when they're empty. You can drop them in a recycling bin or take them to your local recycling center.

26. Is Caribbean Liquid Sugar Global Services engaged with any philanthropic and/or socially responsible initiatives?

Answer: Yes! We at CLGS believe in sustainable development, and acknowledge the value of people, the importance of our limited natural resources, and the significance of financial success.

We are proud to support Global Giving by donating to their "Scholarships for Dominican and Haitian Youth" project. For more information about this project, and/or if you are interested in donating directly to this cause, please visit their site here.